About Us

Fine Irish Sweaters are considered by our custom fashion designers

Our Irish sweaters are characteristically close fitting, raised necked, and made of soft fabrics. In the case of a woman’s sweater it has waist length. The matching sweaters for men were slightly longer in length.

The winding and turning patterning of the join stitches are thought to reflect the heavily sylvan surrounding mountainous areas. Sweaters are a multipurpose item of clothing and can be worn on top of almost any dresses.

Irish sweater production also needs the support of workers and that includes custom fashion designers to plan and design a variety of clothingwhich createsweaters on the designer's requirements. Irish sweaters possibly follow the twisted pattern of twigs.

The flecks of colored embroidery duplicate the field flowers in bloom. Small patterns on the layer lines aided several purposes and it is used to frame the pattern, create a fabricated seam line, and to guide the knitter when cutting an opening for the envelope.

We have changed into a high class supplier of sweaters and fixtures, both substantial and modern in design. Every piece has been hand woven by a different crafts worker. Concentrated natural fiber is used in our fashions. We offer awidespread range of design and color mixture.